2013-2014 Events

October 19, 2013     Park Mall     This was great and a great success showing off our FRC robot and spreading the word of FIRST and STEM!  Thanks to all that came out to see the PVHMS robotics team and the robot!   Go to the Gallery to see some photos!

October 19, 2013:  Costco Night!   This was also a big success!  Once again showing off our FRC robot! See the Gallery Page for photos!

October 29, 2013:     STEM Expo night.    Where:  Palo Verde High School  When:  4pm to  5:30 pm    Who:   TUSD high schools that offer STEM magnet programs  Why:  To spread the word of STEM in TUSD.  Come check out our FRC robot!

November 2, 2013:   Tucson Tussle  :   Ultimate Accent Competion.  Where:  Sonoran Science Acamdemy (sunset campus)   When:  8am – 5pm   GREAT JOB TEAM!  Congratulations on your award and a successful performance at Tucson Tussle!  See the Gallery page for some photos of the day!

December 8, 2013:   Ronald McDonald House Walk for Kids!   When: 8am  Where:  UA mall   (see our community outreach page for more information and link)

January 3, 2014:   Palo Verde High Magnet School and Optimal Robotics is hosting a FTC Regional Qualifying Tournament!    If you would like to Volunteer, please go to the “How To Donate” tab and fill out the form or Click Here!  This was a great event!  Thank you for all the volunteered and those that competed!  We will host again next year!   Be sure to visit our FTC Tournament photo gallery page.

January 4, 2014:   Kick off!!!!  Phoenix, Arizona

January 7, 2014:  SciTech Kick off!   Children’s Museum  9:30am-11:30am

January 15, 2014:  SciTech Festival    Where: Children’s Museum When:  9:00am – 2:00pm   This was a fun event!  We brought the FRC robot that shoots exercise balls, the VEX robot we will use on the 22nd and a couple of Lego robots for the children to play with and drive!   Check out some of the pictures on our gallery page!

February 22, 2014:  VEX Qualifying Robotics Tournament    Who:  PVHMS Vex Robotics Team 4874.   Where:  Microchip, Chandler, Arizona

March 1, 2014:  Maketopolis!   Where:  Maker House  When: 10am-4pm  STEM!

March 15-16, 2014:  Book Festival at the University of Arizona Mall!   Come check out the TUSD booth in the children’s section of the event on the UA mall! PV will be there with some robots you can drive!   When: 8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday!

March 20-22, 2014:   Arizona Regional Qualifying Tournament   Who:  PVHMS Otimal Robotics Team 4841    Where:  Chandler, Arizona

April 11, 2014:   Outreach to Mansfeld Middle School.  Why? To introduce robotics and basic programming.  Mansfeld will be starting a FTC Robotics team in August of 2014 and Optimal Robotics team members are the coaches and mentors along with the middle school teacher!

April 12, 2014:  Bridge painting!  We will be painting the bridges in the neighborhood by Palo Verde High School.   Start at 8am!

April 25, 2014:  VEX Bbq and KickOff!   Who:  all interested in joining a PV VEX Robotics team.  When:  4pm – ?   Where:  Palo Verde High Wetlands and room 130.  The 2014-2015 VEX Game Reveal will be LIVE from Anaheim at 5:30pm!

April 29, 2014:  STEM night at Tully Elementary School!   Who:  Optimal Robotics and VEX Robotics students!    When:  event is from 5:00pm – 6:30pm at Tully Elementary school.


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