Community Outreach (extra)

Optimal Robotics is helping the World Skills students in their task to build a forklift for their World Skills Machine competition in Brazil!   The 3 students from Kentucky flew out to Tucson and we met on March 22nd and 23rd.  Great to brainstorm designs and work in our machine shop!


Tucson Festival of Books!   We attended both days to help represent TUSD.  We brought robots and the 3D plastic printer!

WP_20150314_013 ATT_1426604788358_IMG_20150314_103240_207 ATT_1426604788155_IMG_20150315_130727_760

Future Innovators Night 2015!   We showed off the NEBULA and all of our robots to thousands of students and parents!  Looks like we will be helping to start 8 more robotics teams!  Great!

1_FJR8099 c 3X 1_FJR8084 3X

Sci Tech Festival 2015!   This was great fun!  We showed hundreds of children and parents all of our robots!  Will be starting additional robotics team this upcoming school year with our community schools!

IMG_20150221_122320_279 WP_20150314_008

EPICS!!!   Optimal Robotics and PVHMS Engineering is doing EPICS projects!  (Engineering Projects in Community Service).   Thank you also, EPICS, for sponsoring the NEBULA!   (Purdue University)

068 073

Alice Vail track team receives team t-shirts printed and donated by Palo Verde robotics team!


Some students from the Optimal Robotics Team visited Mansfeld Middle School in March to introduce them to robotics and basic programming!  It is exciting the Mansfeld will be starting a FTC Robotics team this coming school year!  Optimal Robotics team members will be their coaches and mentors!  We look forward to a fun year!IMG_20140411_140335_971  IMG_20140411_140339_128IMG_20140411_140357_834IMG_20140411_141358_086IMG_20140411_141404_835

Members of the Optimal Robotics Team help paint the bridges in the neighbor around our school!  The neighborhood members loved it and it looks great!


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