AZ Regionals-2013

March 20, 2013: Today we leave for the regional robotics competition in Chandler!!! Everyone is soo excited, and we are very great-full for all the support we have from family, friends, and school faculty and administration!

Wednesday Night Dinner:

fri dinner

Electrical Inspection:


Last minute adjustments:


Our first Practice time in the drivers area!


It was a long and exhausting day!  The Robot passed all inspections and is ready to drive and shoot Frisbees!  Tomorrow is qualifying rounds!

The PVMHS drive team invited Steve Sanghii (CEO of Microchip) to be a member of our drive team for one round, he accepted!  They are telling him about the robot and what it can do before going on the field:

w steve 2

After 1 full day of qualifying rounds we are 23rd place out of 50 teams!

***Congratulations to the team for winning the ROOKIE INSPIRATION AWARD!**** This award is for a 1st year robotics team for their community service.


6 thoughts on “AZ Regionals-2013

  1. Robotics Team,

    I can not tell you how proud I am of you. You shown so many what it means to be apart of the Optimal Robotics group, and what it means to be a Palo Verde Titan. As a group you have truly personified dedication, determination, and fortitude. You not only revived the robotics program, you have taken it to the next step. As you look back and think of every little problem that you have had to over come, know that it has all been worth it. You made it to the race. But it’s not over! Its time to get to! I wish you the best of luck. I know you all will do well, and bring back multiple awards. Keep your eye on the prize. Remember you represent not only yourself but each other. Continue making us proud.

    I hope to catch you on Saturday, but if I don’t make it, I will be thinking of you of all.

  2. Now this is 212 – you guys really know how to turn up the heat!. Good luck and I am proud of your hard work and dedication. Mrs. Acevedo

  3. Optimal Robotics –
    On the eve of your competition know how many people realize and appreciate the work and time you have put into this. Your group inspires not only your classmates and school, but also your teachers and community. We are all very proud of you and wish you the best . Sending lots of love and “peace and happiness.” P.S. Keep an eye on Condes for me (No Technicals ) – Miller

  4. Hey guys, best of luck at your competition this weekend! I can’t tell you how proud Palo Verde is of you. It is amazing what a group of students with a common purpose and a clear focus can do when given a chance. You have truly made me proud as an alumnus of this school and as an administrator!

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